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Hello and thank you for visiting  My name is CheezDaProducer and I am the creator and founder.  BeatMaker Is The Squad is a music production community based around iOS Devices.  After having used the original version of BeatMaker on the iPhone, the idea of a truly mobile production studio was there, but it just was not as easy to use as I originally thought.  Fast forward a few years later, while watching music production videos on youtube I came across the Mobile Tip Tuesdays with Marv4Mo Beats.  At first, I was just watching because I genuinely enjoy beatmaking videos and pretty much anything that has to do with music production.  But after a few weeks I decided to try out Beatmaker 2.  Unfortunately, and unbeknownst to me, my phone was slowly dying and as a result any time I used BM2 it would crash immediately.  So I was basically back at square one, but I was also content with the thought I had only spent $10 so it wasn’t so bad.  A few weeks later, my cell phone ends up being completely unusable and I had to get a replacement.  The first thing I did was try BeatMaker 2.  A week later I was back at the Apple Store purchasings the USB3 Camera Connection Kit and a month after that I sold my Ableton Push 2 in order to purchase an iPad Air 2.  Once I realized that I had the power to make music anywhere I wanted with a device that weighed less than a pound I knew that I had to find other like minded people that either produced in this manner or had yet to become aware of it.  And at that moment, BeatMaker Is The Squad was born.  Starting out on Instagram, I really just wanted to meet others who used the iPad for music production.  I had questions about apps and I wanted to hear from people who had firsthand experience with them.  Since then I have had the wonderful experience of meeting various talented music producers who use iPhones and/or iPads and are actively pushing the art of music production.  For me this is a dream that is coming true and considering that the iOS Producer Community is still in its infancy, I am very excited to see where it goes as the world of iOS Music Production is evolving each and everyday.  I hope that you enjoy the site and find your way back here as often as possible.  Feel free to drop me a line and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Remember to stay creative and grind relentlessly, because the possibilities are limitless when the world is your studio.