No Dropbox, No Problem:

Staying Creative in BM2 without Dropbox

Just a few days ago, someone messaged me on Instagram with a photo of the now notorious Dropbox Error.  At first I didn’t know what it was, but it was literally hours later that I was trying to download some sounds when I got the error as well.

Unfortunately, when Apple updates their operating systems some software doesn’t always continue to function the way it did previously, and the most recent release of iOS 11 has hit music producers where it hurts, Dropbox Integration.  Although this is annoying it is not impossible to fix.  Below I’ve compiled a list of ways to transfer files to and from BeatMaker 2.  Before moving on to the list, you should know that right now there isn’t any way that you can use any cloud based file storage as Dropbox is the only one that is supported by BM2.


1. iFunbox

Starting with my favorite way to access files on iOS devices, we have iFunbox.  iFunbox is an app that gives you access to the files that you create, download and store within the apps on your phone.  With this free app you, you can access the folders or directories in each app on your device.  

This is not only great for music but also for video or photos that you would like to access from your device.  IFunbox is available for both Mac and PC and can be downloaded at

2. FileZilla

Moving on to my second favorite option, we have FileZilla.  FileZilla is a file transfer protocol (FTP) client.  In laymen’s terms it allows you to create a wireless connection between your computer and iOS device which allows you to move files between the two.  The difference between this option and iFunbox is that FileZilla only provides access to apps that support FTP.  So, when you do connect your device to FileZilla you will only have access to the files within your BeatMaker 2 App and any files currently on your computer or on drives connected to your computer.  To use it press the file sharing icon at the top of the home screen in BM2 which has a computer and mobile device.

It will then take you to this screen.  At this point choose the File Transfer option.

One important side note, you must be connected to WiFi in order to use this option.  Otherwise you will get this warning.

Once you’re connected to the same WiFi network as your computer and you choose the File Transfer option you will see this screen.  Actually you will be taken to this screen whether you’re connected to the same WiFi network or not, but you will only have access if both your computer and your iOS device are connected to the same network.

At this point you want to use the the information given to you here inside of FileZilla.  The information from BM2 should be placed in the following fields in the FileZilla interface:

Once you have entered the information in the correct fields press the Quickconnect button to start the connection between your devices.

Once your connection is established you will have access to the files on you computer and connected drives on the left side of the screen and the files within your BM2 app on the right side of your screen.  You can now navigate through your BM2 folders as if it was a drive connected to your computer.  Right clicking (control + click on Mac) on a file will bring up a drop down menu with options to copy, delete and moves files between your iOS device and computer.

3. iTunes Sharing

The final option is using iTunes Sharing.  This is similar to the Dropbox option except that you have limited access to individual folders.  You pretty much have the option of copying your entire BM2 folder to your computer or copying a file or folder from your computer to BM2.  

You can choose the folder or directory you would like the file or folder to be saved to but not through iTunes.  In order to access the iTunes sharing you need to go to file sharing icon in BM2.  When given the option choose iTunes Sharing.  You will be taken to the following screen.

Follow the directions given on the screen.  But before you press import to get the files that you copied into your folder, press the select directory button.  This will take you to your BM2 Folder and allow you to choose the exact location that you would like you file or folder to be saved.  Once you have selected the location, press import.  After that load the file like you normally would.  If you do not choose the select directory option your file will be located in the main BM2 folder.

So as you can see, the Dropbox Dilemma is not a complete BeatMaker 2 killer.  There are still options to share files between devices, but it just requires the use of a computer.  iFunbox can be downloaded here.  Filezilla can be downloaded here and iTunes can be downloaded here