Gettin' Busy With Gadget:

Designing 808's in Korg Gadget

In this tutorial, I'll walk you through the steps of creating an 808 inside of Korg Gadget.  This app is already widely known, but many people just use it for the presets.  That's okay if you want to just want to use the same presets that every other user has.  But, if you would like to take Gadget to next level all you need is a little knowledge of analog sound synthesis and you can create all types of sounds.  To be honest this app is powerful enough to be a one stop shop for music production.  Personally, I think it falls short when it comes to sampling, but that limitation could actually turn out to be the very thing that gives Gadget it's character.  Anyway, today let's create an 808 inside of Gadget. If you just want the patch and want to pass up on learning how to create it you can download it below.

Free Gadget 808

Creating Drums In Gadget


In this tutorial we're creating drums in Korg Gadget. Using the Dublin Synth we will make a kick, clap and hi hat. Finally using the Tokyo Drum machine we will create a snare drum. The technique used with the Dublin synth can be applied to pretty much any other analog or analog modeling synth. Thanks for watching. As always, thanks for watching, feel free to comment, rate, share and subscribe.